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May 20, 2013
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Windows Classic (Windows 8) by xXiNightXx Windows Classic (Windows 8) by xXiNightXx
Welcome to the world of Windows Classic. This visual style is aimed at bringing back the classic style that many people used but with a twist. The titlebar Gradient can be colorized through the personalization window. This is an early beta, so expect bugs or things not skinned yet.

***Please note, Start8 is not supported. If you wish to have the startmenu skinned properly, please use Startisback***

Rev 2.0
-Fixed Caption Buttons
-Explorer Background now matching frames
-Skinned many controls
-Fixed Taskbar Context Menu Colors
-Support for OldNewExplorer  (Special Thanks to  (mrgrim01) for this feature)

Rev 1.1 6/6/13
-Skinned more of Start menu
-Right Click Skinned
-Progress Bars Skinned

Rev 1.0  5/20 13
-First Release

#####  WARNING!!! This theme is for Windows 8 only. If you run Windows 8.1, please wait until I get the 8.1 version fixed. #####
How to install Theme; (Create a system restore point first!)

1. Windows 8 x64 users download  <---- If already Patched, skip steps 1/2.
2. Install Patch, dont reboot.
3. Copy the theme files to C:Windows\Resources\Themes
4. Apply the theme through the personalization window.

(Additional Software)
-Old New Explorer (Windows 7 Style)
To move the details pane to the bottom of explorer, Disable Ribbon UI & Add back Aero color behind navigation bar, Download this program (Make A system restore point first!):…
^------ Make sure you use these options listed below:
1. Use command bar instead of Ribbon
2. Hide Up (go to parent folder) button
3. Show Details pane on the bottom
4. Show Statusbar

-Start Menu-
To get the original start menu, download the free trial or purchase Startisback from here:
-Supports opening Metro start and pin metro apps to start menu. (Square Theme Supplied in extras folder for start is back)
You may only use these for personal use only. Ask before re-uploading/modifying my works. (you can modify for personal use only!)

Warning! Do not download from any other site or page except here, other may be trying to give you a virus! Always scan files before opening them.

Windows Classic Vs for Windows 8 xXiNightXx 2013-2014 Deviantart
-All Rights Reserved
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Here is how the run dialog looks like in Win7 with Aero under a classic-like theme:…

As you can see, it is different from your run dialog. The buttons, the input area and the titlebar differ.
Also, that is not windows classic on 7. Thats a Aero remake someone made.
This is an Aero theme, but this is how the dialog looks in Win7 Classic and Win XP. I have not use Vista. I want to point out that in your theme all three buttons look like they are selected, the text field does not have the 3D borders.
No it's not the way it looks in Windows XP classic or Win7 classic.
especially the titlebar buttons aren't rectangular (and fat) but square-like:…
I meant all except titlebar. On your image you can see that the selecvted button looks differently from others and the text field has 3D borderds
this one is based off windows vista classic. I will not be making any changes to it.
Also, I wonder if it is possible to make a variant with navigation bar removed as described here?…
Sorry, that's not a useful feature nor is it like classic.
It is Classic, it was so in Win95 and I always removed the Navigation bar in Win95-WinXP (it could be done via menu). Even in Vista it could be removed via registry, but Microsoft nailed it down after Win7 beta.
Is it possible to somehow change the menu selection color?
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